Clinical Excellence

The demand for high-quality ambulatory surgery centers is on the rise. In fact, over the last three years, the ASC market has experienced a healthy year-over-year growth.

Patients are receiving better care than they would at a traditional hospital setting – with more convenience and at a lower cost. The market is strong for experienced groups who understand the complexities and nuances involved in building and managing quality ASCs that serve local communities. The Partners Surgical clinical team brings decades of top-notch, hands-on experience to every de novo, existing and hospital joint venture ASC partner.

More Convenience, Better Outcomes

While surgeries have been performed in a hospital setting for nearly a century, the ASC model optimizes high-acuity surgeries with a fit-for-purpose and systematic approach.

Built and operated in the communities in which patients live and work, these ASCs offer unmatched convenience and comfort to improve a patient’s overall experience.

We develop customized centers with the exact physicians and services the patients need – but without the intimidating and overwhelming feel of the hospital experience.

The Partners Surgical team takes a professional and laser-focused approach to creating a clinical environment conducive to exceptional patient care. Our proven patient-centric ASC model delivers:

  • Clinical Best Practices and QC Reporting
  • Quality Staffing for All Clinical Support
  • Flexible Scheduling and Friendly Office Hours
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures – Offering Continuity of Patient Care
  • Personal Service, Improved Patient Education and Thorough Communication
  • Patient Follow-Ups from an RN within 24-Hours after Procedure
  • Significantly Reduced Patient Costs versus Hospital Experience
  • Better Outcome Statistics versus Hospital Experience
If you’re ready to join the future of the ASC market, and you are looking for a strategic partner to provide operational, financial, clinical, and human resources support, we are ready to start the conversation.
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