Visionary Leadership

Under the visionary leadership of brothers Walter E. (Ned) and Robert Schwing, Partners Surgical (PSC) is committed to redefining the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) marketplace by raising the standards, performance and expectations in all areas of practice, including operations, financial, human resources and most importantly, patient care.

For decades, the Schwings have successfully conceived, created and co-founded thriving healthcare partnerships by combining industry innovation with solid and sensible stewardship.

Most recently, in 2004, the Schwings founded National Cardiovascular Partners, an outpatient cath lab and ASC partnership venture, headquartered in Houston, Texas. Ned and Robert oversaw every aspect of the business to include executive management, development and expansion. Several years after its inception, the Schwings partnered with Bain Capital, one of the world’s leading private investment firms, to accelerate the growth and increase the operating capacity of NCP. By 2014, NCP had 24 facilities in six states, and was acquired by Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), one of nation’s largest healthcare conglomerates.  

Prior to forming NCP, the Schwings co-founded:

  • Specialty Therapeutic Care, LP, a company which quickly became a leading national distributor of specialty pharmaceuticals;
  • Physicians Surgical Care, Inc., a national provider of freestanding ambulatory surgery centers and surgical hospitals, which, in just a few years, grew from one surgery center in Houston, to eight locations in six states; and
  • Southwest Renal Care, a groundbreaking provider of patient-centered outpatient dialysis services.

About Ned and Robert

“Like most physicians, I went to medical school so I could help people. It has been an absolute pleasure to team up with partners that know the business side of the healthcare arena inside and out, freeing me up to do what I love most, working with my patients. Ned and Robert both bring their own unique set of skills and talents, but they share a common core of decency and integrity. They are as honest and trustworthy as the Texas summer days are long.”
Dr. Buck Cross
Waco Cardiology Associates

“As the National Medical Director of NCP, I worked very closely with Ned and Robert for several years, and they were, without question, the driving forces behind the success of the business. They are results-oriented and clearly know how to run a successful business, but what impressed me the most was their deep understanding of, and respect for, the clinical side of the operation. They work extremely well with their physician partners, which I believe is absolutely critical to the success of the organization.”
Dr. Randy Lombardo
NCP Medical Director, Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists

“When we partner with a company, we not only look at the fundamentals and future of the company, but the type of leaders at the helm. Robert and Ned are true innovators – they understand the market demands, they can put a high performing team together and know how to propel that team to the next level.”  
Mike Krupka
Managing Director Bain Capital

If you’re ready to join the future of the ASC market, we are ready to start the conversation.

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